How to contact a team to get recruited ?

How to contact a team in order to get recruited in 2 steps

1. When you are on a team's page, check if the team has any active recruiting offers. In the example below, the following team has 1 active offer.  

What if the team has no active recruitment offers ?
  • If you have a player PREMIUM account: you can apply on a waiting list by clicking on the matching button. The team will receive a notification and will decide if they accept or reject your demand.
  • If you have a FREE account: you'll have to wait until the team decide to create or renew their recruitment offers.

2. After clicking on "Show offer", if that offer is made for you and you matches the team expectations, then you can click on "Apply to this offer" button.
In order to apply, you will need a gaming CV that is on the same platform and same game that the offer you're currently viewing 

Note that when a team is on "multiplatform", you can apply to offers no matter which platform your CV is set to.

If you don't have a CV yet, you can create one, it's free.

Now, you just have to send a message to the team in order to engage communication with them.

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